In 20 years Brad Sherman has been the primary sponsor on only three bills that have become law and two of those were to rename post offices. We deserve better.

Pelzer For Congress Podcast: Introductions

In this first episode of the podcast Jon is going to introduce himself and speak a bit about some of the Issues facing CA-30 and who he is as a candidate.

Ground Game LA Podcast: Progressive Jon Pelzer is here to shake up California's 30th District

"Jon Pelzer is a progressive Congressional candidate running to replace Brad Sherman in California's 30th district. He is a small business owner who brings a strong commitment to universal healthcare, affordable housing, and economic justice. He joined me at Ground Game HQ to chat about the race and his hopes for a progressive wave election.

The primary vote will be held on June 5th, 2018. To learn more, make a contribution or get involved with his campaign please visit"

My campaign is about not having our voices controlled special interests. You cannot fight for people if you are controlled by special interests. Join me in making sure we take our voice back. Please share this video or my campaign with anyone that you think should know about. Thank you for your support.

I do believe that I have the people skills to work with other members in Congress to work toward common goals that will benefit the American people. Join me in helping make that goal a reality. Message us to get involved with our campaign.

What we are trying to do is revolutionary for this district. And revolutions are not spectator sports. So I am asking for your help. Join me in not accepting the status quo because that gives us a future that is morally and financially bankrupt. Join me in creating the progressive future we need and deserve. Thank you.

Affordable housing is one if the biggest issues facing the people of CA-30.