Dear Supporters,

Last week, on June 5th, 2018, over 4,000 of our neighbors stood with us in our fight against the status quo. Like you, they stood with a first time candidate based on our progressive agenda, not the political odds.

Our yearlong campaign is not defined by election results. It is defined by how we used every day of it to advance the rights of our neighbors to self-determination, affordable housing and healthcare. These and other progressive issues aren’t going away and neither are we. Yes, elections are very important, but so are all of the battles we must continue to wage on a daily basis.

We were the very definition of what it means to be a grass roots campaign. We rejected contributions for corporations and PACs and our team was made up of constituents who saw the need for change and stepped up. One such constituent was Debby Pearlman. Without Debby there would not have been a Pelzer For Congress. Along with Nick Chomicki, Sydney Pelzer and CJ Berina we managed to keep this train moving despite the obvious challenges of supporting a first time candidate committed to progressive ideals.

I am grateful for and humbled by the support our campaign received from individuals like you. I am also aware that your support was based on our fight for progressive values, a fight that continues.


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Pelzer for Congress is not built by PACs and corporate donations.

Jon is creating a grassroots movement powered by neighbors and community members.

Those who know Jon Pelzer support Jon Pelzer. #PelzerForCongress


Jon Pelzer is already taking action to improve the community, but he also wants to hear about the issues that you are most concerned with. As the movement grows, we'll be reaching out to voters with our progressive, action-oriented message. Our voices will be heard and we will win the representation we need in the U.S. Congress.



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