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The Pelzer family

The Pelzer family

I’m proud to call Sherman Oaks my home for more than thirty-five years. As a small business owner I have traveled to every corner of the country where I've met just about every type of person in our vast and diverse nation. Now, I want to represent you in Congress because business as usual has utterly failed the Democratic Party. 

I've been engaged in political activism since I fought to help Mario Cuomo win the gubernatorial election in New York in 1982. The following year Jacqui and I hitched a U-haul to our 1970 orange Datsun B210 and moved to Los Angeles. We lived in an apartment on Mammoth Avenue for five years before buying our very first house on Colbath Avenue. Thirty years later, we’re still in that house. Sydney was born a year after we arrived and Remy three years later. Birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs, and graduations--that house has seen it all.

Since moving to Los Angeles, I've fought for every Democratic Presidential candidate. Now, in the wake of 2016 I believe there is a desperate frustration among all Democrats and progressives in the realization that our own career politicians have failed us through their own complacency.

I want to represent you in Congress because the progress we have made is under attack. I believe in civil liberties for all, good jobs that can support a family, affordable healthcare, good public education for all, protecting and restoring the environment, and justice no matter your legal status. I want to not only protect but also expand these rights for our children and our neighbors. 

I am not concerned about big money donors, PACs, or career politicians who care more about reelection than using their positions of power to lead the fight for change. I believe we need to fight for progress, not the status quo of our party. The status quo is not enough, not anymore.

After living in this community for over thirty-five years, I know many of you but my message goes out to everyone in our district: I will fight for you and for our values every single day. And if you think your voice isn't being heard, just give me call.