Jon believes healthcare is a right and attempts from the Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act are a direct assault on access to healthcare for millions of Americans. The weak response from too many house Democrats in protecting the ACA is dangerous and a betrayal of everyone who believes in universal healthcare.

  • Our road forward must include resolutions like H.R. 676. Introduced by John Conyers on January 24, 2017. This bill, titled “Expanded & Improved Medicare For All,”  keeps the goal of universal healthcare front and center.
  • Tax relief for those facing cripplingly high healthcare costs until improvements are made to the healthcare system
  • Protect and expand social security through closing tax loopholes and fixing our tax system





Jon believes in a $15 minimum living wage, as well as the need for good paying jobs for all. He supports the Rebuild America Act which will create 13 million good paying jobs that will strengthen and rebuild America’s infrastructure. 

Jon will fight for a more fair tax system, close tax loopholes for the .1%, and fight for overlooked families and small businesses who are struggling to make ends meet.


Campaign Finance Reform


Members of both major parties are guilty of taking money from big corporate donors and PACs. This is an egregious violation of their contract with the American voter and has eroded their trust in our political system. They are rightfully cynical. Jon will:

  • Fight to end super PACs and outside spending designed to influence our elections and politicians.
  • Fight to appoint Supreme Court justices who commit to overturning Citizens United.
  • Fight for publicly financed elections and the Fair Elections Now act.

Immigration Reform



We need to not only undo the damage done to our immigrant communities by the Trump administration but put forward solutions and policies that solve issues that were present before the Trump administration came to office. This includes:

  • Immediate reversal of all Trump-era immigration policies
  • A pathway to citizenship for all
  • Protecting DREAMERs, as well as DACA and DAPA
  • Close family detention and private immigration detention centers
  • Expand healthcare to all regardless of immigration status
  • End the cruel 3-year and 10-year bar which tear families apart
  • Expand English proficiency programs




Every child in America should have access to pre-k and a quality public education that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century. There are many rural and poor communities in America that do not have adequate books, desks, or access to the internet. This is a failure that reflects on the misguided priorities of our current politicians and lawmakers.

  • Universal pre-k for all 4-year olds in America
  • Expand on the Build America Bonds program
  • Tax incentives for upgrading our broken public school systems across the country which are paid for by closing tax loopholes and penalizing corporate outsourcing
  • Tuition debt-forgiveness and salary incentives for young graduates who teach in parts of the country where qualified teachers are desperately needed


No American should go into insurmountable debt because they chose to get a college education. Jon’s plan makes college affordable and presents a solution to the ballooning issue of college debt.

  • No-debt college tuition for families making up to $125,000 per year
  • Make Community Colleges tuition-free
  • Overhaul college debt right now and ensure no more than 10% of a paycheck ever goes to paying down college debt. All remaining debt is forgiven after 20 years.
  • Allow refinancing of student debt to lower interest rates like any other loan

Criminal Justice Reform



With 25% of the world’s prison population and nearly 2 million non-violent drug offenders in prison, the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions want to increase the incarcerated population in this country. Jon strongly believes in reintroducing non-violent offenders to society, closing private prisons, legalizing Marijuana, and keeping families together. This includes:

  • Significantly reducing “Mandatory Minimum” sentencing for non-violent offenses.
  • Allowing those who are currently incarcerated to seek more fair sentencing
  • Providing mental health services to prisoners (statistics show that up to 65% of the incarcerated population suffers from mental health issues)
  • Ending the “school to prison” pipeline
  • Pushing for “Ban the Box” legislation which will help ensure job applicants can show they are qualified for a position before being asked their criminal history
  • Making sure law enforcement and communities maintain an active dialogue in reducing crime and avoidable fatalities of both citizens and police officers.
  • Acknowledging and addressing the issue of racial bias among law enforcement




Jon believes that all Americans are deserving of equal rights, dignity, and access.

The queer community has made great strides but we cannot let the GOP discriminate against them with thinly veiled “religious liberty” bills. Jon will fight to expand the rights and civil liberties for all LGBTQIA communities. 




National Security national_security_icon.png


Jon believes everything possible must be done to ensure the safety of all Americans at home and abroad. Gun control and access to proper mental health are very much National Security concerns and must be addressed so guns stay out of the hands of the wrong people.





Protecting The Environment


We need to make sure our air is breathable, our water is clean, and our planet is nurtured for future generations.

  • We must re-enter the Paris Climate Accord
  • Reduce oil dependence through clean energy sources and more efficient vehicles and
  • We must reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provide tax incentives for green businesses
  • Promote clean energy as a vital engine for job creation